Saturday, January 8, 2011


Tonight, I must write about something God is putting me through. (Deep Breath)

I love to have things in my control, have things go my way, ya know! This has been the hardest thing about committing my life to Christ, because it isn't my life anymore. It is His life, and I am living it His way. If I live it my way, I have not fully devoted myself to Christ.

Well, while trying to move, I wanted things to go my way. I wanted things to have order, everything be finished by a certain time, have the money I was suppose to have to pay the girls, etc. Well, God didn't want it to go this way. God wanted it to go His way.

Tonight, I am very frazzled. The lady who is subleasing my apartment, was suppose to move in tomorrow. The apartment complex is being very slow about processing her paperwork. This is probably because I have already paid rent, and they are more worried about filling their empty apartments, then filling one that is already on a lease. The lady was suppose to finalize paperwork today with the complex. Except, they say it has to go through one more person now! So, she can't move in tomorrow like I would have liked.

I balled when I found this out. She is giving me the money that I am suppose to be giving the girls I have moved in with. Yes, you read that right, have moved in with. I feel awful because I feel as if I am moving in on the wrong foot. I was suppose to have money for them today, and I don't.

Thankfully, the Lord has blessed me with an amazing group of woman to live with. They are all very understanding about the situation and are not worried about it at all. I am so thankful for this! God is so good.

So, I am writing this to remind you (and myself) that in the midst of a storm, God is good. God is faithful, God is true, God is who He is. He will come through. He will come through His way. I am thankful for this reminder.

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