Saturday, January 1, 2011

January 2011

A little more reflection of 2011 first... wow, I can't believe that January 2011 is here! I feel like 2010 just got here, and it is already over. 2010 was a whirlwind for me. God put me out of my comfort zone in many areas of my life. He had me start volunteering in eKidz. He gave me to be baptized on Easter at the Time Warner Cable Arena. That is an event that I will never forget. He used Brandon Hibbard to show me a part of myself I had never seen. He allowed me to become a team leader for eKidz. He told me to be a small group leader. Which, did not turn out as I had thought it would. I thought that if God told me to become a group leader He would use me in great ways. Maybe He did use me in a great way, and I just was not aware of it. He allowed me to fail in several areas of my life. I hate failure. I am not upset with God in anyway for the failures that I faced in 2010. I am thankful that He allowed me to experience these failures. That last sentence proves how much I grew in 2010. I would never have been thinking God for my failures without growth.

This January I am believing God for....
- Allowing me to take a step down from leading a small group and join a woman's group
- Encouraging me to make a daily commitment to read my Bible
- Understanding and growth in my Bible reading
- A stronger prayer relationship
- Encouraging me to get healthy in January (NO MORE FAST FOOD!!)

How sad is it that I think the last will be the hardest of all of them. I want to have more financial freedom in 2011. Cutting out the regular Panera, Panda Express and Chick-Fil-A visit will put about $150 back into my bank account in a month. Wow! To realize that I spend that much on unhealthy food hurts.

I think that not being in a leadership role of a group will be hard for me. I love taking charge. But, I also believe that not being in charge will be a wonderful thing for me. I will be able to delve further into the reading and prepare for the discussion, not what we are going to discuss. I am happy about that.

January is going to be an amazing step into the growth that God has prepared for me in 2011. I am excited.

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