Sunday, January 16, 2011

Reflection on Week Two

Happy Sunday!! Here is my reflection on my second week on goals in January.

- Encouraging me to make a daily commitment to read my Bible
I did much better with this goal this week. I read my Bible every day and had some incredible incitements. I think having two unexpected days gave me the opportunity to make some sort of routine for myself.

- Understanding and growth in my Bible reading
Yes! I am gaining so much through my reading. I am working on memorizing a verse a week. And there is just so much to learn from that!! Because I do not just want to memorize a verse, I want to understand why it is worth memorizing.

- A stronger prayer relationship
A longer drive for work is giving me an amazing opportunity. I am spending my whole drive to work with God. I am praying to Him and listening to what He has to say for me. I am praying for my eTeam more than I ever have before. I am praying for my friends. It is amazing.

- Encouraging me to get healthy in January (NO MORE FAST FOOD!!)
I did great this week! I had Chick-Fil-A on Tuesday and McDonalds on Thursday. I only had McDonalds on Thursday because I was in a rush and it was the only place without a line. I am very proud of myself.

Other great things that happened this week:

I finally officially subleased my apartment. I am officially moved into the house. I am so happy about this transition. God is amazing.

My little brother joined an eGroup. I am soo happy that he took this step.

I had the opportunity to attend a Ladies Night hosted by Holly Furtick. Pastor Christine Caine came to speak to us. Her message was amazing. I will never forget what she had to say.

I got a new eTeam member!! I am so excited to see my team growing! God is so good!!

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