Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Faithful Blogging

There are always days when I struggle about what to write on .Redeemed. I always want to give you fresh, biblical content. But, sometimes my mind goes blank and I can't come up with anything. Today, I will be using a prompt from Faithful Bloggers. You can find my blog, and many other Christian blogs in their directory.

Faithful Blogging Prompt #64 -
What are you favorite Christian blogs to visit?

.Redeemed.'s Top Five Christian Blogs to Visit...
1. Perry Noble's Blog - He is the lead pastor at Newspring Chruch in South Carolina.  His blog is right up my alley because it is biblical truth that is straight to the point typically organized in a list!

2. Joel Onyshuk's Blog - He is a youth pastor that I 'met' via twitter. His posts are geared toward youth. His posts contain bold biblical truth on social media and relationships.

3. Holly Furtick's Blog - She is the first lady of Elevation Church.  Her blog has everything from marriage advice, to style advice, to advice about raising kids.

4. Pastor Steven Furtick's Blog - He is the lead pastor at Elevation Church.  His blog has clips of old sermons and a inspirational post to go along with that clip!

5. Love and Respect Now's Blog - The posts come from Joy Eggerichs, daughter of Emerson Eggerichs.  She is a single adult who writes about what relationships should be like.  She is hits the nail on the head EVERY SINGLE TIME!

Dear Reader... yeah, You...
What are your favorite blogs to read?

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