Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Respect Pt. 1

Respect: (noun), an act of giving particular attention

Respect: (noun), a high or special regard

Respect: (noun), esteem for a sense of worth or excellence of a person

I feel like I've been talking about this issue for a while now.  Or at least, I've been thinking about it a lot.  Respect is very important to me.  I find myself wanting to lecture parents at the park on their phone, kids on their electronic device at the table and friends texting when they are with friends. 

What has today come to?  When we are with people we like, why don't we respect them enough to put our electronic devices away and actually spend time with them?  Texting, sending emails, and playing games while around people you are supposed to be spending time with shows a huge lack of respect for them.  I know I would never buy my children (that I don't have) a meal if they sat on their phone, iPod, or DS at a restaurant. 

My ultimate irritation when it comes to respect and our electronic devices is during church related activities.  I can't stand it when I see people on their phone at church.  Yes, maybe you are taking notes but it is distracting and overall rude.  It drives me crazy when the middle school girls in my eGroup pull out their phones.  I've caught several playing Temple Run and texting during eGroup.  I feel like my head explodes when I see this.

I was raised to treat others with a higher level of respect.  When I'm at the table with family or friends, I'm not checking facebook or my email.  When I am at eGroup, the one I lead and the one I am in, I am not on my phone.  For those few hours that I am with people, my phone is put away.  I have enough respect for them, to devote my time to them and not be distracted with my phone.

Dear Reader... 
Am I alone here?  Does this bother you, too? 

Come back on Thursday for another post unpacking some biblical references to this topic.

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