Friday, August 3, 2012

In with the New

The reader family of .Redeemed. has exploded over the last few months. It is amazing. Each post is getting between 20 and 30 views. For you seasoned bloggers, that may not seem exciting, but it is exciting to me. My words are being read across the world.

I wanted to take some time over the next few days to formally introduce myself to all the new readers, tell you why I write and introduce the new format of .Redeemed.

I took a social media fast in July to hear from God about how He wanted me to use the platforms He had given me to present the Gospel.  The week away from Blogger, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram was great!  I was able to audibly hear from God.

.Redeemed. always has been a way for me to write about what God is laying on my heart and share what He is doing in my life.  That will not be changing, nor will it ever.

Monday Munching - I will post a few notes from the weekends sermon at Elevation Church and what I am still munching on from the sermon.  This was previously, Sermon Sunday.  Except I always struggled with getting it out on Sunday.

Talk to Me Tuesday - If we can get the Q and A section of .Redeemed. off the ground, this will go into effect.  You can email me your questions or topics you want me to like me to talk about at redeemedblog [at] yahoo [dot] com.  Or... You can comment here.  I want to hear from you and become more interactive.

Wordy Wednesdays - On Wednesday, I will post about something that God is teaching me, that I am reading in my Bible or that God has laid on my heart for you.

Reflection Friday - This will not be going anywhere, changing names or format.  I will post a reflection of what we did at eGroup on Thursday.  I hope to build this "column" as a resource for small group leaders.

I am excited about this transition happening at .Redeemed.  I hope that you are happy to see some change and more frequent posts.  I hope that you are sharing .Redeemed. with your friends and family.  Please follow me on twitter tweet about posts that you like, or email me so we can connect.

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