Saturday, March 3, 2012


You may have noticed that I was a bit silent on the blog this week, besides my Reflection Friday post.  I have truly missed blogging, writing to you, updating you on my life, getting my thoughts out of my head and into the blogesphere.  But, the silence has been and will continue to be necessary for a while. 

I bet you are wondering why.  I hope you are wondering why!

I started New Thru 30.  Wow!  Making myself be in the Word everyday is powerful!  I talk to God constantly, but through the last week or so of New Thru 30, I have heard from God so much!  Not really about what I am reading, how I can apply what I am reading or anything like that.  More about things that I have been struggling with, I am finally beginning to hear His answers!

Pinned ImageThe typical Keirstin would call up a few friends the moment that she hears God tell her something.  She would begin asking their take on the revelation.  This would instantly cloud her judgement and begin to put more of a focus on what her mentors and peers have to say than what God has to say.

I am beginning to learn that this is not the best way to better understand what God is saying to me.

In the past two weeks, God has revealed two major things to me.  One of the things that He revealed to me, I have been asking Him for truth about for over a year.  The other stems from the first.  He blew my mind when I finally heard Him speak to me about this.

Anyway, I have taken a vow of silence for now about the situation.  I still have a few questions.  I haven't talked to anyone but God about any of this.  I am waiting to have a clear answer from Him until I begin blabbing my big mouth about what God has said to me.

Don't you worry!  There will still be a Reflection Friday and Sermon Sunday.  Probably even a Hey, It's Okay or two.  But, between work, New Thru 30 and tuning into God in every way possible, I am a bit occupied right now.

Please don't stop reading though!  Tune into my Twitter for updates on new blog posts, if you want to stop checking in regularly.

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