Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sermon Sunday

Whoops!  I did not post last weekend's Sermon Sunday.  Below is last weekend's sermon notes, because this weekend is a highlight reel Code Orange Revival Remix.

Grey Matter Week Four
Constant Courage, Unchangeable Situations and an Unchanging God

Constant Courage - God won't give you courage in if you don't build up courage before.  (vs. 10)

Unchanging Situation - An an unchanging situation is no match for an unchanging God.

God always has a back up plan.

You can visit the Elevation Church website to watch the entire sermon for free.

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Personal Reflection:  This was a fabulous sermon.  To be honest, I had never heard a preaching on Daniel in the Lions Den.  I love how God always come through.  We just have to have faith in God before, during and after our trials.  This statement seems so simple, but there are few Christians who follow through.
I enjoyed this sermon, because it was a great reminder that I need to build up my faith in the Lord before I go through something, so that when I am in the struggle it is no big deal.  I will be confident in who the Lord is because I have a firm ground to stand upon.

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