Monday, March 12, 2012


Yesterday, I posted my sermon notes from this weekend at Elevation Church.  I wrote that I had too many personal reflections to put in a paragraph.

I have been reflecting on how much I tithe recently.  H&R Block seem to think that the amount that I give to charity is unreasonable and impossible.  That is basically what the program told my mom when she put in the amount that I tithed and gave to charity in 2011.  Well, that was breeding ground for the devil.

I keep thinking that maybe I should tithe less and give more to charity, but still have it equal to 20%.  I didn't do it.  It was just a thought that I couldn't get out of my head.  I mean, I don't want to start causing trouble with my taxes because I give too much. 

Don't go anywhere!  I have another example for how the sermon hit home!

Pinned ImageWhen Pastor said, we can make plans and trust God, my mind was blown.  I have been trying so hard to find a balance between being the planner that I naturally am and trusting God.  I couldn't find a comfortable balance between the two, because it isn't either-or.  It is both-and!

I can plan for my future and trust in God!  He is directing my steps!!

This comforts be because, my plan can be off, but the Lord of the Earth is directing my steps.  No matter what, I will end up where I am suppose to be!

Week Three of Grey Matter made me realize that if God can do both, I can do both, too! I can continue to tithe 20% AND give to charity.  I can make plans AND trust in God!  When you put an or where God put an and you become a hypocrite!

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