Thursday, November 24, 2011

(Four) Things to be Thankful for... Day Five

27. A song:  There are two songs that I am very thankful for this year.  The first is For the Honor by Elevation Worship.  I wrote a blog post about the line "We'll live our lives as sacrifice until You come again" and what that line meant to me.  That line has completely changed my perspective on a lot of situations, and has taught me to think about things in a new light.  I have shared this thought with several other people.  I am so thankful for Elevation Church and the Elevation Worship team.  They are amazing!  You can click here to buy Elevation Worships first nationwide CD that is titled For the Honor.  The second song that I am thankful for is The Words I Would Say by Sidewalk Prophets.  Every time I hear this song, I think about my ex.  Every time I hear it on the radio multiple times in a day, I take the time to reach out to my ex.  I have never regretted doing that.  Several times, it has been important.  God uses that song to speak to me.

28. A gift:  This year I am thankful for my boss getting me a gym membership.  This gift has sparked change in my life.  I am working out at least twice but am upset if I don't make it three times.  I am so thankful that my boss cares enough about me to get me a gym membership and say that she loves me the way I am, but knows I can be healthier and have a better life!

29. Something in my home:  On my dresser sits a picture frame that used to sit on Philips dresser.  One day when I was five or six, Philip took me to Glamor Shots to get glammed up.  He always called me a princess, and that day I got top notch princess treatment.  They did my make up, did my hair, and dolled me up for several different pictures.  This picture frame has two pictures in it.  When I look at the pictures, I remember that day with Philip and how special he was to me.  He always did everything in his power to treat me like a princess.

30. The thing I am most thankful for:  Elevation Church.  Through Elevation Church, I have come to know Jesus in a way that no one has ever taught me.  Through Elevation Church, I have found a group of friends who love me for who I am, encourage me in hard times, and who I can celebrate victories with.  Through Elevation Church, I have found a group of 7 middle school girls who are looking to know Jesus in a more intimate way.  Through Elevation Church, I have learned the importance of tithing.  I can't thank the eight families who moved to Charlotte to start Elevation enough.  The staff of Elevation is par to none.  They never give less than 100% at everything they do.  The volunteers at Elevation pour their heart and soul into the church.  They work harder than any group of volunteers you have ever seen.  I am most thankful for Elevation Church this year.  I am so thankful that God brought me there on that day in May of 2009. 

This five day series on thirty things I have to be thankful for has been truly eye opening.  I have so much to be thankful for.  I am a blessed girl.

Dear Reader,
You may not have made onto one of the categories that I wrote about this week.  But, I want you to know that I am very thankful for you.  I write to you.  I pray that you will read each of my posts and grow from or learn something from them.  I am thankful that since I started writing in 2009, you have read my blog over 1,440 times!  Thank you!  Please continue to read, and to share this blog with your friends!!

Sincerely, .Redeemed.


  1. So why'd u have to step down at Elevation? I miss seeing you.

  2. I would love to know you are. :-D

    It is an issue that I would rather not discuss. I am trying to find Gods purpose in it all first!

  3. Praying for you through whatever it is.
    He will show you His purpose in it.

  4. I greatly appreciate your prayers. God has shown His favor through this situation in more ways than I can count. I keep reminding myself that Pastor Steven said, "favor isn't convenient" a few weeks ago and there is so much truth to that statement.