Friday, February 10, 2012

Reflection Friday

Pinned ImageI have got my hands full this semester.  Eleven middle school girls expressed interest during the Student eGroup push two weeks ago.  That is eleven girls IN ADDITION TO the seven who are already in the eGroup!  Talk about hands full!  Three of the eleven came last night. 

It was wonderful to meet three new people.  The "regulars" were extra crazy last night.  There were carrots thrown across the room, lots of laughter, tears from laughing too hard and new friends made all around.  I hope that our crazy selves did not scare away the three new girls!

We know how to have fun in our eGroup!

This week was all about getting to know one another.  I had no intentions of getting into our book study or discussing the sermon.  I just wanted us to get to know each other.  We talked about how long everyone has been at Elevation, what we hope to gain from being in an eGroup, what school we go to, and a lot of other random-nonsensical things.

The family who graciously opens their home to us every week is interviewing for a job they have wanted for over two years.  We ended the evening in prayer.  We brought the parents down stairs and we all put our hands on the entire family and prayed over them. 

Praying over someone was a new experience for all of the girls.  It went about as I had envisioned.  A few Do I go now's, a bit of laughter and some prayer.  I led them in prayer as best as possible.  This is something that we will get better at.

But, I wanted this family to know on a deeper level that they are in our thoughts and prayers as they are waiting for a decision.  Along with praying over them, each girl took home a prayer card.  This is a tangible way for them to remember how they can pray for the family this week.  I put a prayer, a Bible verse and a day to email the family.  I don't want the family to forget that we are praying for them!  We are covering their lives with prayer in every way possible!!

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