Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sermon Sunday

Grey Matter Week One
The Taurus and The Fox
This weekend, Pastor Steven preached an amazing message on how to make choices when it's not black and white.
The Bible is designed to draw us closer to the One who wants to guide your life. 
God wants us to get past the point of looking for His guidance and let Him guide us! 
Even if the right thing to do is unclear - it is clear who we are suppose to follow. 
If all He did was give us directions, we wouldn't build a bond during the journey
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Personal Reflection - This was a powerful sermon!  I have been looking forward to this series for weeks.  I don't know what I was expecting from the sermon, but it was fabulous!  Part of me was hoping that Pastor would give all the answers to all the questions that don't have a questions that don't have clear answers.  That was a huge expectation. 
I may not be in a position where I need the answers to a question that is a grey matter, but know that I will encounter those situations in the future.  Everything he said was noteworthy.  I couldn't write fast enough.
Pastor made an analogy of how we follow someone when driving and how we should follow God.  When you follow someone in a car somewhere, you are very aggressive to make sure that no one separates you and the car you are following.  We need to be more like that when following God.  We need to be aggressive and make sure that no one comes between us! 

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