Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sermon Sunday

Living a Better Story Week Two
Suspension of Disbelief
Numbers 13 and 14

Pastor Steven preached a sermon about what happens when God has a plan and we ruin His plan with our disbelief.

Of course it is hard to live a great story for God.  If it wasn't hard it wouldn't be a great story.

Your setting doesn't determine your story. 

Suspension of Disbelief - Deciding to get lost in the story. 
Example: Watching a science fiction movie and enjoying it even though you know it could never happen.

We must be willing to suspend our disbelief in the Bible.  It happened!  Nail your disbelief to the cross.

The moment you decide not to believe God, your story hits a dead end.

If you want to enjoy the entire message, visit Elevation Network or check it on iTunes on Monday.

Personal Reflection: I loved when Pastor talked about hitting a dead end when you decide to not believe in God.  God has a great plan for my life.  I must believe that if He tells me I can do it, that I can do it!  My first instinct is to always tell God that I can't do what He says I can.  I told Him that I couldn't lead an eGroup in Rock Hill.  Look where I am at now.

Pinned ImageI am a serious planner.  Every moment of my day is planned out.  I have gotten so busy lately that I even plan out my sleep, to assure that I get enough.  I have to remember that I am not the director of my life.  Pastor closed with this line, I am not the director.  He is the director.  I am just holding the reflector to shine the light on Him.  Everything I do should be to the glory of God, but my life isn't mine to live.  I must do everything to His glory, I must do everything according to His plan.

I never want to hit a dead end in my life by giving into disbelief. 

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