Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Six by Six Goals

Fail for Tuesday: I went to click "view" on blogger and clicked "delete" instead.  I did it twice without noticing it.  I deleted Monday's review of my first round of six by six goals.  Then, I deleted the post that was suppose to go up yesterday on my second round of six by six goals.  So, here are my goals again.  Sorry, I probably won't be reviewing my first round of six by six goals. 

Six by Six Goals
February 15th, 2012 to March 28th, 2012

1. Lose 10 pounds!
2. No excuses.
3. Start and finish New Thru 30.
4. Finish Apologetics for a New Generation
5. Read all of Crazy Love
6. Start my first semester at Liberty University Online.

I've already lost ten pounds by going to the gym twice a week and not cutting back on fast food at all.  If I apply myself a little bit more, I am sure to lose at least ten more pounds.

No excuses is going to be the hardest of the six goals.  I give excuses for everything.  It is my list favorite trait in myself.  I notice it, when I give an excuse for something, it drives me crazy... So, why not just stop?!

The first few weeks of the year, I wasn't in the Word as I should have been.  I got it together, but committing to a reading plan will get me in gear like I should be.

I have a load of books that I would love to read that I bought for myself or was given as a gift.  I just hate reading.  But, the books are doing me no good by collecting dust on a bookshelf.  I have read the first half of Crazy Love like three times. 

WooHoo for finally getting back to school!!!!!!

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