Friday, February 17, 2012

Reflection Friday

Another amazing eGroup meeting last night!  I can't believe that I get to be a part of shaping these girls lives.  I get to pour into them each week, encourage them, help them and speak life into them.  It is such a blessing to me.

Last night, we had two new girls join us and the three from last week return!  All together there was ten girls there! That was the most that we've ever had!  A full room looked amazing!

We discussed chapter five in when God writes your love story by Eric and Leslie Ludy.  This chapter goes into looking beyond physical purity and saving yourself emotionally and mentally for your future husband.  It may be hard to imagine, but your soul mate is alive.  And, you should be honoring him with your thoughts and actions right now!  Yes, before you even know who he is!!

Imagine your future spouse was able to watch your ever move and see your every thought.  Move past the creepiness of that statement.  Would he be happy with the way you were acting or thinking?  What if your future spouse was acting and thinking the same way you are... would you be happy?  Once I was able to wrap my head around that thought, the way I thought, talked and acted changed.  I wouldn't have wanted my spouse behaving like I was.  It wasn't like I was sleeping with random people, but I was having impure thoughts about every attractive man I saw.  I don't want my future husband lusting over every cute girl that walks by him, so I won't lust after every cute guy I see.  I am honoring my relationship with my future spouse NOW before we ever meet.

One of the girls wanted to know how a person who is meant to be single forever is suppose to act.  If you feel as if you are destined to be single and not meant to get married, I strongly believe that you should behave in a Christ-like away.  You should still behave as if you were waiting for someone!

I closed the discussion out by reminding the girls know that they are more than welcome to talk to me about anything they are struggling with.  That is what being in an eGroup, small group or community group is about.  The people you share that time with, are the people you lean on in tough times.  They are there to encourage and support you.  If you are in a church, I plead that you get involved in your churches form of small groups.  You will grow so much from it!!

We ended the night with a belated Valentines celebration.  I made cupcakes and pink lemonade.  Another girl brought heart shaped cookies that said "I love Jesus" on them!  I made a goodie bag for each girl to take home.  Each bag had a personal card with prayer that I am praying for them and some candy!

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