Monday, February 20, 2012

Sermon Sunday on Monday

Living a Better Story Week Four
The Element of the Turning Point
Philippians 1:12
This weekend Matthews Campus Pastor John Bishop preached the final message of Living a Better Story on the turning point.
We all face turning points in our lives.  Some are good and some are bad.
When Paul wrote Philippians, he was in prison.  The majority of us would chose to see that as a stopping point.  Paul saw it as a turning point. 
What has happened to me isn't about me.  It didn't happen to Paul.  It happened to advance the gospel.
God can use you to be a turning point in someone else's life.
If you want to enjoy the entire message, visit Elevation Network or check it out on iTunes today!
Personal Reflection:  I just love hearing John Bishop preach!  I have heard him preach several times about being thankful in difficult times, in terms of the struggles he faced when attempting to adopt.  This weekend's message was completely different.  This weekend, the entire worship experience was based on the story of Fasha Davis.  Click here to see a video of her story.
If I take John Bishop's sermon and look back at my life, I have had many turning points.  There was a huge turning point in my life when God told me to leave the Early Childhood Education program.  I didn't know what was next. I continually looked into other programs.  Although, to be completely honest I looked at this as a stopping point for a moment.  I gave completely up.  I was hopeless. 
He ended the message talking about how you can be a turning point in someone elses life.  The family that my eGroup meets at is facing a huge turning point.  I hope to be a part of helping them remember it is a turning point and not a stopping point.

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