Saturday, January 7, 2012

Reflection Friday Pt. 2

Happy Saturday!  Check out yesterdays post for more information on how the Rock Hill Middle School Girls eGroup came to be about.

In November, several of the other girls began to ask if we could get together outside of every Thursday's book study.  I embraced this idea!  Being that they come from three different schools, I know how important it is for them to see each other more than once a week.  They will grow so much closer if they see each other outside of one setting once a week.  But, because of the holidays rapidly approaching, I figured it would be hard to get everyone together.

Instead of attempting to plan the events myself, I began to explore other options.  After much consideration and deliberation with friends and mentors, I decided that it would be a great idea if I let the girls take ownership of the eGroup by planning the events by themselves.  I imagined that they would enjoy the events much more if they were something they came up with.

Two weeks before the end of the month, starting last month, I pick three names out of a hat cup.  Two plan an event each and one plans an outreach event.  Our January team was the first ever planners for the eGroup.  We spent an hour discussing the events, details of the events, and how excited we were for the events!  That was a majority of our time this week.

What events did the girls come up with??? Oh, good question!  We will be going to the movies together one weekend and having a scavenger hunt at the mall another weekend.  For our outreach event, we will be making baby baskets for pregnant mothers!  We will be shopping together for these baskets and making them together!  Fun, right?

Now, onto our book discussion.  We talked about discovering that God actually wants to be a part of planning our lives... more than a part, He wants to do it and us to trust His ability to give us the best for our lives.  All of the girls confessed to not giving Him enough control.  We talked about how we can't impress God, and how our actions will change when we realize that.  Finally, we moved into a great discussion about wanting a boyfriend because all of their friends have one.  We ended in the middle of the chapter with,

"The preoccupations of seventeen-year-old girls -- their looks, their clothes, their social life -- don't change much from generation to generation.  But, in every generation there seem to be a few who make other choices.  Amy Carmichael was one of the few.  God was calling me to be one of those "few" as well.
Leslie Ludy, Page 57

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  1. Wow! Those girls are something else... gives one hope for the coming generation, doesn't it.