Friday, January 20, 2012

A Week Away...

eek!  A week away from reading the blogs I follow requires major damage control to catch up.  Here are my favorite blog posts from the week that I'm just now reading.

Final Reflections on Unemployment - written by Ronnica of Ignorant Historian.  She was unemployed for over two months, these are her final reflections on that time.  Good for anyone, unemployed or not!

I Just Want to Remember - written by Katie of Kisses From Katie. She writes about one of her children choosing to sleep on the floor, just to remember where she came from. (PS. This is not from this week. But it is still worth noting.)

Power of Prayer - written by Allison of A Few Sprinkles Short. She writes about believing in the power of prayer, even when the answered prayer may seem unanswered.

Things Not to Do as a Newbie Runner - written by Heather of Running with Sass. I think the title explains itself.

30:30:30 - written by K8 of The Girl in the Yellow Bug.  I pretty much love everything on her blog right now.  And, am pretty excited that I actually know this fine girl and would call her a friend.  :-D

What were your favorite reads of this week?  Suggestions on blogs to follow?

PS. Happy Friday!

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