Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Thankful Tuesday

Happy Tuesday!  I bet you thought I was bailing on you this Tuesday.  Honestly, I almost did!  But, Thankful Tuesday provides a nice dose of perspective for me.  I am truly blessed, and so are you!

1. Monday Off - I love my job!  I think you have gathered that by now.  But, by having the day off... I was able to spend it with my eGroup girls.  We had lunch at McAlisters and then went to Target.  We went to Target to go shopping for our January outreach project.  How can you not love those faces! Ha!! I know I love them!  We had a bit of trouble finding something girl clothes that weren't outrageous.  But, the girls did a great job searching and staying on budget!  We had a blast!

2. My amazing mother - Don't think I am repeating here.  She is amazing!  She braved lunch and Target with four teenagers and myself for three hours.  She found us some pretty sweet deals for our outreach project.  It was the first time my mom and I had done the baskets on a budget, and we rocked it!  I love her!  I am so thankful to have the relationship that I have with her.

3. Pastor Perry Noble - Dang! He brought a powerful message tonight to Elevation Church at Code Orange Revival.  Elevators, if you didn't catch it!  Please watch at 3:12 am or 12:12pm tomorrow.  It was so fitting for our church.  He preached an amazing message to Elevation about how blessed we are to be where we are.  It was a great reminder.  He is a great cousin to have at Elevation!

4. Marlene - Marlene is basically our eGroup mom.  She is an amazing women.  Every week, when I arrive, her family room is spotless, there are candles lit, the lighting is perfect, an Elevation Worship CD is playing and there is a delicious treat for us.  I never asked her to do any of those things.  She goes above and beyond for our eGroup and I love her for that.  eGroup wouldn't be the same without her.

5. My grandma - She is pretty great.  My grandma pays my car payment every month.  I wouldn't have my sweet ride that I have if it weren't for the help of my grandma. 

6.  Victoria - I feel like I should be saving this one for next week, but I will use it now.  I've know this girl since she was four years old.  I came home after our first play date and said, "I can't be friends with a four year old," I was cool and six years old!  She should have hated me for the majority of our childhood.  I made her play school with me.  I was always the teacher and she was a student in a room full of stuffed animals.  But, some how or another, we are still best friends.  Next week, she is going to study abroad.  I am going to miss her like crazy.  Thankfully, I get to see her this weekend.  PS.  Don't you love that picture of us?  Throw back to 2008!

7.  Change - I have feared change for the majority of my life.  Change means there is unknown ahead.  I don't like the thought of not knowing what is next.  Because of change, I have an epic job.  Because of change, I learned a lot about myself at Elevation Rock Hill.  Because of change, I am at Elevation Uptown.  Change has brought me far.

8.  Technology - I will be able to communicate with Victoria in another country.  How cool is that?  If it weren't for Skype, I would be an emotional wreck thinking about her going away.  I am coping well!

9.  Christmas 2011 - I am thankful that I survived Christmas of 2011.  I honestly didn't think I was going to make it.  I did!  I took my Christmas tree down yesterday.  Christmas 2011 is officially over in my house.  It was a huge hurdle to get over. 

10. Ability to worship - Ya know this is something we need to be thankful for in the United States.  There are countries who have never heard the name Jesus. There are countries who have never seen a Bible.  I can worship freely.  Whenever I want.  Wherever I want.  As loud as I want.  I can tell anyone I want about Jesus.  I can say Jesus freely.  What a blessing, that we take for granted.

11. The eight pounds I have lost in 2012 - Yeah!  Let's just talk about that.  I am super excited!! None of my pants fit.  Hello healthier Keirstin!

Okay, I am pooped.  I can't come up with six other things I am thankful for.  The last one was a stretch.  Forgive me

What are you thankful for?


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  3. I've listened to elevation online and heard your pastor speak at my old church. We've moved out of state so I try to listen to both when I can. Thanks for sharing. Stopping by from Flock Together Tuesday.