Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Thankful Tuesday

Happy Tuesday!  I hope that your week has gotten off to a great start.  I know mine is.

Onto Thankful Tuesday.  Ten things that I am thankful for...

Pinned Image1. My eGroup - Dang those girls are amazing!  Last week I blogged about them.  Find the post about how the eGroup came to be here, and the post about what we did last week here.  I have grown so much since I began leading them, and know that I will continue to grow as we spend more time together!! I am thankful to have each of them in my life.  They remind me to go back to the little things.

2.  My mom - She is pretty amazing.  This month, my eGroup will be making baskets for pregnant moms.  My mom spent all day on Saturday with me shopping for the baskets.  She is pretty amazing.  I know she had better things to do, but she spent her time with me.  I am thankful for her because I would not have had the patience to do all the baby shopping that we did.

3.  My church - Now, I know I wrote about this last week, but I have something different to say about it this week.  Will you allow me to use it twice? I hope so, because I am going to do it anyway.  I started volunteering at the Uptown campus this weekend.  Wow, the volunteers and staff there are amazing.  They were all so kind to me, and welcoming.  I can't wait to spend more time there.  I am thankful for my church, because it is a second home and a second family for me.

4.  My bosses - They both appreciate everything I do so much.  I have never had a job where I have been so appreciated.  It is such a good feeling.  It makes me want to go to work.  It makes me desire to be a better person and work as hard as I can.  I am thankful for my job because they bring out the best in me.

Pinned Image5.  My toilet - Ha!  That's a funny one!! Well, last week my toilet was out of order for three days!  That was quite interesting.  It forced me to be grateful for the luxury of a toilet.  I bet you don't often think of your toilet as a luxury.  There are people in this world who poop in a whole in the ground.  Your toilet is a luxury!

6.  My God - I make mistakes every day.  I do things I shouldn't do on a regular basis.  My God forgives me every day.  If I don't remember to be thankful for my God's forgiveness, I don't deserve it.

7.  Today - God granted me another day to live.  Another day to share His word.  Another day to get it right.  I am thankful for the opportunity to be around for one more day.

8.  My friends - I have some pretty epic friends.  My friends stretch me.  My friends are there for me when I need them.  My friends push me to be better.  I couldn't ask for a better group of friends.  I am thankful for my friends always being around when I need them.

9.  My blog readers - You!!! I am thankful for you coming to my blog and commenting.  Sometimes I don't want to write anything.  Sometimes, I think there isn't anyone out there who cares about what I have to say.  Thank you for making me feel like someone wants to read what I have to say!

10.  Code Orange Revival -  Dang! This thing is going to be great.  12 nights at Elevation church with 12 of the greatest speakers and pastors in the WORLD.  I believe that there will be hundreds of people who don't have the opportunity to attend Elevation Church on the weekends, and will be able to because we will have having church for twelve nights!!!  I can't wait!  Oh, and you can watch it online at 6:12 and 10:12 every night here.

What are you thankful for today?

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