Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sermon Sunday

Sermon Sunday - Code Orange Revival Edition

Code Orange Revival is well under way.  Tonight was night five.  So, for this edition of Sermon Sunday, I will be sharing a bit of each nights message.  Enjoy!

Night One - Pastor Craig Groeschel
He spoke about how to be an idiot for Christ. 
1. Obey Irrationally Acts 5:29
2. Give Extravagantly Acts 4:34-35
3. Do What Others Believe Can't Be Done Acts 4: 29-30

- You are not who others say you are.  You are who He says you are!

Night Two - Pastor Jentzen Franklin
He spoke about the faithfulness of God.
Psalm 89:1-2, 30-34
- Our lives can be stepping stones or stumbling blocks for ourselves and our children.
- Don't despise the days of small beginnings
- We need to get our eyes off of material things and focus more on eternity.

Night Three - Pastor Matt Chandler
He spoke about the reminder that everything God does is for His glory.
- Joy and happiness are different.  We don't control our happiness.
- Culture says that it is all about us.  The Bible says it is all about the glory of His name.

Isaiah 43, Isaiah 49, Psalm 106, Romans 9, 2 Samuel 7, 1 Samuel 12, John 7:8, John 14, John 12, John 17, Romans 3:25-30, John 16:14, 1 Corinthians 10:31, Romans 11  (If you want a few examples!)
- We are supposed to do everything we do to the glory of God
- The Bible is not a road map to life.  You will end up thinking you are the hero to every story.
- He gives us pain and tears because He loves us.

- God is after my joy because my joy brings Him glory.
- I am not the center of the universe!!

- God isn't in love with the future version of me.
- The cross says, "I've handled that. I made provision."

Night Four - Christine Caine
She spoke on the kind of God we serve.
- The kind of house that brings glory and fame to the Lord is the kind of house we should build.
- We serve a God who does not believe in expiration's dates.  Hebrews 11:11
- He wants to make the impossible possible in our lives.
- When was the last time you just believed in Him?

- We are well able to do what God has called us to do.  Reports may say no, but God says yes.
- God is still the God who parted the Red Sea.
- We need to elevate our lives to be in alignment with God.

We give up on God because...
1. We confuse our due dates and Gods timing Genesis 18:10
2. God doesn't do it our way.

There is no promise, no prayer, no need too big for our God.

Night Five - Pastor Ed Young
He spoke on inviting people to church and why we need your seat.
- Christians are stuck in a marina mentality.  We are tied up to the dock and just out of reach people are drowning.
- How is drowning in your life?
- All we have to do is let go of our poor flotation device and grab onto Jesus.
- The radically rescued rescue radically.
Matthew 28:19-20, Luke 19:10

- The only thing Jesus built was the Church.
- We are saved to share - share our rescue story.

- The ring is the thing.
- The hope is the rope.
- Pull so the House is full.
- Everyone is a part of the pull.  If you aren't serving, you are swerving.

Check out the Elevation Network and Code Orange Revival's site to get in on what is going on at Elevation Church this week.

The best is yet to come.

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