Monday, June 18, 2012

Faithful Blogging

There are always days when I struggle about what to write on .Redeemed.  I always want to give you fresh, biblical content.  But, sometimes my mind goes blank and I can't come up with anything.  Today, I will be using a prompt from Faithful Bloggers.  You can find my blog, and many other Christian blogs in their directory.

Faithful Blogging Prompt #19 -
What ministries are you currently active in? In your church?  Outside of your church?

As many of you know, I am a part of Elevation Church in Charlotte, NC.  If you have been around church for any amount of time, you are likely to have heard of Elevation Church, Pastor Steven Furtick and Sun Stand Still.

I consider it a huge blessing to be a part of Elevation Church.  I first attended Elevation in March of 2009 at the end of the Healer series.  I began regularly attending in June 2009.  (Woah! Three years at Elevation?! Where did the time go?!) 

I got involved in our Children's Ministry, eKidz, in February of 2010.  I started serving as a volunteer for the Saturday night worship experience at Elevation - Matthews. on the Host Services team.  Host Services is our eKidz Check-In.  All families have to stop by eKidz Check-In before dropping their children off.  June of 2010, I stepped into a leadership role and headed up the Sunday night worship experience.  I am unsure of when I stepped into the Host Services, but I believe it was sometime in the spring of 2011.  In September of 2011, I became the eKidz Coordinator at our Rock Hill location.  I am now the eKidz Coordinator at our Uptown location.

Not only do I serve in the Children's Ministry of Elevation on Sundays, but I spend Tuesday's and Thursday's with my eGroups.  eGroups are Elevation style community groups or small groups.  On Tuesdays, I am in an eGroup for college aged women in the Rock Hill and Charlotte area.  On Thursdays, I lead a middle school girls eGroup.  Tuesdays and Thursdays with my eGroups are some of my favorite days of the week.

That is how I am involved in my church.  How are you involved in your church? 


  1. sweetie, you should be VERY proud of yourself!! I am proud of you and I do not even know you!!:-) Investing ourselves in what God is doing to change lives at and through Elevation Church is the BEST feeling!!! Hopefully, we will meet one day!!! :-)))

    1. You are so sweet! Thank you! We will meet one day!