Thursday, June 7, 2012

Proud Momma

I have to brag on my eGroup girls for a moment. I am so proud of each and every one of them. They are asking God to script their love story, inviting friends to church, volunteering in their sweet spot, and seeking time with God on a daily basis despite basketball, cheerleading and homework.

Pinned ImageMatthew 28:19 commands us to go.  I believe that there are several different parts to going.  You need to be living a Christian lifestyle with your words and actions, you need to be giving advice that reflects what the Bible says, and you need to be talking about your relationships with Christ.

There is a girl in my eGroup who has exemplified the concept of go.  Her name is Taylor.  She is thirteen and just finished the seventh grade.  She is a cheerleader. She recently broke off an eleven month relationship because it wasn't what God scripted for her life.

Taylor joined our eGroup in mid-March.  Taylor lives about thirty minutes from where we meet, but that never stops her from coming!  She almost always has a friend with her.  She has shown her ability to go through bringing friends to eGroup and by sharing Christ with the lost around her.

A few weeks ago, Taylor shared an amazing story at eGroup.  My heart melted when she told us this story.  I had so many emotions going on, that I almost cried.  I was proud of her, excited to see her living out the Bible and so happy that she was doing God's will.

There is a boy in Taylor's music class who is an atheist.  One day, she wrote a letter to him.  In the letter, Taylor shared Christ, what it meant to be a Christian and invited him to Elevation Church.  It took her a while to gain the courage to give him the letter.  When she finally had enough courage, he refused to take the letter.  She stuffed it into his back pack.  The next day, he did not have the kindest words in response to her.  But, Taylor is holding her head high, believing that she did what God told her to do and praying through what to do next.

I am beyond proud of Taylor and her willingness to advance the Kingdom at all costs.  Having the skill to advance the Kingdom at age thirteen enables her to change this world!

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