Saturday, August 14, 2010

Genesis and Psalm

Just a few comments on a few chapters of reading I got in yesterday in Genesis.

I love how generous the Hittites were towards Abraham. Abraham tried so hard to pay them, but they would not accept the money from him. (Genesis 23)

I was reading Genesis 24, and thinking that it sounded familiar. I don't know if Pastor did a sermon on it, but when I got to vs. 14, I knew I had read this chapter before. My favorite part of this chapter is vs. 15. God answered his prayer before he was even done praying! :) God just makes me smile.

I love Psalm 21. My favorite verse in Psalm 21 is Be exalted O Lord, in your strength; we will sing and praise your might. vs. 13

In Psalm 22 David wrote about he has always believed in God and had faith in Him -but his temptations were eating at him. But, he still had faith in the Lord. He still believed that the Lord was going to save him. - Sometimes, I feel like there are not that many people who still have faith in the Lord when they are being tempted. They completely give up. So, reading about David always trusting in the Lord, it gives me hope that it is possible to trust in the Lord no matter what

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