Sunday, August 15, 2010

Good Morning!

Good Morning! I hope that you are doing well. I am sad that my body would not allow me to sleep in. School starts tomorrow and I was hoping to be able to sleep in, before the long day ahead of me tomorrow. I am up. And, I plan on doing some reading before I have to get ready for church. Last night, I attended this meeting about a new worship experience that Elevation is going to begin! I am totally excited!!!

I am beginning in Genesis 25, and plan to read to Genesis 32

I will never get over the importance of every ones names in the Bible. Rebekah and Isaac had twins. Esau (meaning hairy) was born hairy, and Jacob (meaning grasping the heel/deceiving) was born grasping Esau's heel.

It is interesting to see that Isaac made the same mistake as his father. He did not trust God enough to tell everyone that Rebekah was his wife. This is just another example of how we should always place complete faith in the Lord.

Not only do I love how every ones name has a purpose, I love how they fulfill that purpose. Jacob means deceiving, and he deceived his brother twice; stealing his birthright, and his blessing. Isaac could not bless both of his son's.

So Jacob sered seven years to get Rachel, but they seemed like only a few days to him because of his love for her. - Genesis 29:20 How precious is that?

I can't believe what Laban did to Jacob. My bible says in the notes that Jacobs senses were probably dulled because of the feast, and that is why he did not realize that Leah was not Rachel. Jacob ended up having to work fourteen years for Rachel.

In Genesis 30, Leah was able to give birth to several sons for Jacob. Rachel became jealous that she could not bare her husband any children, so gave her husband to her maidservant and had a child. Leah was no longer conceiving, so she gave Jacob to her maidservant her gave birth to another child. I had to laugh to myself while reading this, because I could not imagine passing my husband around so I could one up my sister. I mean, Jacob was sleeping with four women.

Jacob ends up running away from Laban, who begins to feel differently towards Jacob. Laban catches up with him. Rachel stole Laban's gods. She was sitting on them as Laban was trying to look for them. Rachel told her father she was on her period and that is why she could not stand up (Genesis 31:35). Jacob wrestles with God and his name is changed to Israel, meaning wrestles with God (Genesis 32:28)

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